TES-AMM Australia - Our Vision - To be the global leader in environmental pollution control and waste management, providing total synchronised solutions to achieve a clean, green and safe environment for our next generation
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TES-AMM Australia,leader in environmental pollution control and waste management
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TES-AMM Australia,leader in environmental pollution control and waste management

Company profile

TES-AMM is Australia’s ethical e-waste recycling partner.

TES-AMM Australia is part of TES-AMM group of companies headquartered in Singapore with operations in over 20 locations throughout the world in regions such as Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and South Pacific.

The group was established in 2005 by waste management, engineering and finance professionals and in a short time has become the recycler of choice for most well known information and communications technology brands, contract equipment manufacturers, IT service companies, waste management organizations, leasing companies and multi-national corporations.

The core end of chain activity of TES-AMM involves the recovery of metals from electronic scrap through a unique mechanical-hydro/pyro-metallurgical process. Such a process differs from traditional methods of recovery such as metal smelting which are relatively high capital operations, high energy and high pollution.

Our recycling capabilities are extended through the provision of printer cartridge recycling solutions, spent epoxy plastic recycling and through joint venture with Recupyl SA also lithium ion battery recycling.

TES-AMM Australia and New Zealand have obtained valid approvals for the movement of electronic waste to our overseas processing facilities from the relevant competent authorities in every country in which we operate. Such approvals are a major point of difference over other competitors who may not provide sufficient 2nd or 3rd level traceability for materials processed downstream at external facilities. Being keenly engaged both locally and internationally we are very familiar with ANZ industry standards or WEEE guidelines, Basel Convention obligations and other pertinent developments such as ROHS and the Stockholm Convention on POPs.

As an internationally certified ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 organisation our systems and processes are regularly assessed and audited to ensure quality, environment and health and safety considerations are strictly followed.

TES-AMM's professional electronics disposal solutions also incorporate re-use outcomes thus adhering to the reduce-reuse-recycle methodology. Tailored services are made available taking into account individual client requirements whether to comply with physical or data destruction, improved financial outcomes or environmental reporting requirements

Our services and network will continue to grow to provide further convenience and a one-stop shop solution for our clients.

TES-AMM Australia,leader in environmental pollution control and waste management
TES-AMM Australia,leader in environmental pollution control and waste management


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